In light of the government’s latest advice, we have closed our doors for the time being. We are sure you understand these are unprecedented times and our responsibility is to ensure that we operate in a responsible manner.

We’ve been working hard to reschedule shows, events and rentals for later dates. We’ll be posting details and other information as available on our website.

Thank you in advance for your patience. It’s not the first time we’ve faced adversity and we know it will take effort to bounce back. As a charitable organization, we rely on your support to keep the facility open, staffed and delivering you inspiring programming. We are working on our contingency plans, but any donation of any amount makes a big difference. Click here to show your support.

Thank you again for your ongoing support of New Spire Arts. We wish you and your loved ones the best and look forward to welcoming you back in the near future.

Sincere regards,

Gerard Gibbs