The Be Newly Inspired program features classes for adults who want to learn a skill or have fun trying something new! They start at a beginner level in a no-pressure environment and are meant for everyone and anyone. We designed the Be Newly Inspired program because part of our mission is to engage and entangle all residents of Frederick County in the arts. Whether you have previous experience with the performing arts or it’s all brand new to you, we wanted to make it easy to discover new interests and continue learning in a fun and supportive environment.

We want to break down the idea that the performing arts are only for kids or professionals. They’re for everyone, including you! You don’t have to be ready to perform in front of an audience or take on a solo – we’re not trying to activate your stage fright. We want adults to have fun while building skills that will benefit them at work, home, and in everyday life. Performers learn to be quick improvisers and find creative solutions to problems. The performing arts teach composure, build confidence, promote fitness, can lower stress and anxiety, and and open the mind to new ways of expression. Find out for yourself when you take a Be Newly Inspired class!

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Class List

November 13 – 29

Acting for Seniors


For the young at heart…for the first-time actor…for the former star! Working with treasured radio plays and comedies from the past and present, students will use improvisational drama games and exercises, plus rehearsal techniques to put on a staged reading!

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