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Application procedure for each position vary; please review each job listing for the specifics on how o apply. NOTE: Due to the volume of submissions from job applicants, we are only able to follow up with candidates who we believe are a strong match to the requirements of the position as advertised.
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Available positions

  • Technical and Stage Crew

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Technical and Stage Crew

Reports to: Technical Director, Facility Manager

Summary: Technical and Stage Crew handle the behind-the-scenes tasks that are necessary for putting on live events and performances. Their responsibilities include load-in, strike and load-out, installing lights, rigging, backline and sound equipment. During an event/performance they may control the lighting, sound, and various other aspects of a production that add to its impact on an audience. These technicians work in close cooperation with the designated sound director, lighting director, technical director, and facility manager.


This is an “on-call” role based around specific events that run the range of public meetings and events, single night concerts to a full run of a theatrical production lasting several days or more. It may include but not be limited to:

  • load-in and strike sound and/or lighting equipment, backline and instruments as well as assisting technicians in cabling
  • loading, unloading and assembling scenery and/or specialized stage equipment
  • may fill capacities of spotlight operator, deck electrical, mic wrangling
  • carpentry, to build, move and repair props and scenery
  • construction: assembling risers, stages, placing chairs, building sets, including any mechanical or moving parts, and making sure they function properly
  • operating moving scenery as needed.

Run Crew members are required to wear black clothing. When in a stand-by, there will be no talking over headsets. No crew members should ever be visible to audience members in hallways, restrooms, and particularly in the theatre proper except in the case of true emergency or if required by a unique production duty.

All personal electronics (smart phones, tablets, laptops, iPods, etc.) must be turned completely off backstage. These devices disrupt the sound and headset equipment and are an unnecessary distraction to cast and crew.

Load in customarily takes place the day of performance, however, might take place the day before a show. Strike will take place immediately following the final performance. All Crew are required to attend and participate in load-in and strike.


High school diploma required. Education or experience in theater technical operation desirable.

Status/Hours: on-call (hourly) calls may range from two hours to eight within a single day.

Pay rate: $15.00 per hour

Apply: please send resume and letter of application to Gerard Gibbs at

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