You’ve got a voice and we want to hear it! This teen program includes writing workshops, multimedia classes, spoken word, and storytelling courses. The Raise Your Voice program is all about the different ways that we tell stories. Whether it’s through film, podcasts, poetry, screenplays, stand-up comedy, or another way, teens can learn the power of words in connecting your story with an audience.

The Raise Your Voice program offers some classes with performance elements, but also classes that explore the written word and the creation of multimedia projects, perfect for the writer or director who would rather wield a pen or camera than be onstage.

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Movie Making

Grades 6th-8th | 9th-12th We walk students through the movie making process! They'll get to learn scriptwriting, set lighting, filming, and editing using professional equipment. Students will end the class with a ...

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September 20 – December 13

Movie Making for Teens

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