New Spire Stages: The Newest Gathering Space in the Heart of Downtown Frederick


Are you planning a business meeting, or a special event to announce your new business plans? Thinking of a fancy social or fundraising event? Perhaps you want to invite friends to a wedding shower or just a simple birthday celebration. Maybe you are a concert promoter, theater company, or a touring artist looking for a venue in which to self-present. Whether your event is big or small, New Spire Stages may be just the type of place you are looking for.

The Ausherman Black Box Theater is our most customizable space. Outfitted with state-of-the-art theater lighting and sound, you could plan anything from live theater, music, or digital film exhibition, to a business meeting or a family get-together. Seating is as flexible as seats with risers, tables and chairs cabaret style, or just seats on the floor facing a stage or screen. Couple this with our renovated lobby space (also good for a meeting or event in itself) and you’ll have everything you need for your public or private event.

Here are just a few things to keep in mind before contacting us.

1. About renting New Spires Stages

Booking space at New Spire Stages occurs on a first come, first serve basis. The first step is to contact us and enquire if your prospective date is available—if not, there may be other dates available that may work for your event. Be prepared to discuss alternatives. A deposit is required to confirm a reservation.

2. The next step: contact us

Please contact us to discuss the type of event you envision, schedule a walk-through and to review dates and services that are available. A minimum of eight weeks away from your preferred date(s) is ideal. After you find a date, we will send you a questionnaire in advance of a face to face meeting with either our facility manager or technical director or both. Please bring the completed questionnaire to the meeting along with any remaining questions you may have. Following this meeting we will ask you to sign off on the questionnaire and then a contract will be issued for your booking. Rob Amarosa is our Facility Manager and he can be reached at or by phone at (301) 620-4458.

3. You’re ready to make a deposit on a rental

A deposit of 50% of your quoted fee is due at the signing of your contract. Your date is not confirmed until we are in receipt of your deposit along with a fully executed contract. Some of the fee (85%) may be refunded if you cancel a minimum of 60 days away from your event. You may not publicize or sell tickets to your event until a deposit has been made and your contract is signed.

4. Deciding on the set-up for your rental

Please download and read through our rental questionnaire. It addresses matters from arrangement of tables and chairs, to lighting and sound, to cleaning following your event. It’s best of you have reviewed all the items that relate to your event and have questions ready as far in advance as possible

5. Liability Insurance, Alcohol License, Set-Up and Cleaning.

All rental clients of New Spire Stages must, at their own expense, provide a certificate of comprehensive general liability insurance which names the New Spire Arts as additionally insured. The minimum liability limit is $1 million. Please inquire for further details. If you are serving alcohol at your event to the public for a fee, you must obtain a Per Diem liquor license from the Frederick County Liquor Board or provide proof of other form of a valid license. Set-Up and cleaning for your event may incur additional charges. Please inquire for further details.



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