REGISTRATION  All courses require a completed registration form and payment in full.  Spaces cannot be held without payment.  Online registration is not available after the first meeting of the course.  Those interested in registering for a course after the first meeting may do so in person or over the phone at the discretion of New Spire Arts.  Registrations will not be accepted for courses after the second meeting.

CONFIRMATION  Confirmations will be emailed for course registrations.

WAITING LISTS  Waiting lists will be set up for courses at maximum enrollment and you will be notified if space becomes available.

GENERAL REGISTRATION REFUNDS  Your full payment will be refunded if a course is either already full or cancelled due to low enrollment.  if the scheduled time or location is changed after payment has been received, a full refund will be issued upon request.  Otherwise, requests for refunds must be made in writing at least 21 days in advance of the first course meeting.  If these processes are followed, the tuition will be refunded less a 15% administration fee.

RETURNED CHECKS  There will be a $30 fee for any checks returned by the bank.

SCHOLARSHIPS  We may have some need-based scholarships available through our partner organizations.  If you would like to attend, but cannot afford to do so, email us and we’ll try to find a solution.

HEALTH FORMS  All minor students must provide a completed “Maryland Schools – Record of Physical Examination” health form before the first meeting of their first course, and yearly thereafter.

MEDICATION  New Spire Arts staff, including teachers, counselors, and administrators, will not administer medication.

FOOD  Students must bring their own bag lunch and/or snack each day.  No peanut products and no microwavable meals are permitted.  Refrigeration is not available.  If a student brings a lunch containing peanuts, parents will be notified and asked to bring a different lunch.  No student is permitted to leave the premises to buy food or to have food delivered.  No food will be provided by New Spire Arts.

WATER  We recommend students bring their own water bottle.  There is a water cooler on site.

SUBSTITUTIONS  New Spire Arts reserves the right to make faculty or programming substitutions.

ATTENDANCE/MAKE-UP  New Spire Arts does not guarantee that courses cancelled due to circumstances beyond our control (i.e. weather, power outage) will be made up; no refunds will be issued.  We do not offer make-up course days due to a child’s inability to attend.

SIGN IN/SIGN OUT  To assure the safety of each minor student, parents/guardians are required to sign their student in and out each day.  No parking lot drop-offs allowed.  Minor students who walk or drive themselves to a course are allowed to sign in for themselves.

EARLY DROP OFF  Students will not be admitted to classroom areas until 15 minutes before a course is slated to start.  Do not drop off your child early.

LATE PICK-UP  Parents/guardians will be assessed a $10 charge if a minor student is picked up more than 15 minutes after a course ends, and an additional $1 per minute thereafter.  Please pick up your child on time.

DISMISSAL  If a minor student needs to leave early from a course, a parent/guardian must pick them up from the classroom door to sign them out, regardless of age.  Any children ages 3.5 to grade 2 must be dropped off and picked up at the classroom door.

PARENT/GUARDIAN SUPERVISION  An adult should supervise minors (students and siblings) when course is not in session.  Neither the instructor nor any staff is responsible for students prior to or after course times.  Students will not be allowed in any classroom or performance space without an instructor present.

Students under 18 years old are required to stay with their assigned counselors and teachers during the program day.  Any attempt to leave the building unattended by a parent or guardian will result in immediate dismissal from the course.

HOLIDAYS & INCLEMENT WEATHER  In case of inclement weather, New Spire Arts may be closed if Federal Government offices are closed.  On days in question, please check for up-to-date information on closings and delays.

SIBLINGS AND GUESTS  Parents, siblings and guests are not allowed to accompany students to courses unless explicitly invited for and end-of-course presentation.

PHOTOGRAPHY AND VIDEOGRAPHY  New Spire Arts and contracting photographers reserve the right to use photos and videos taken in courses for promotional and archival purposes.  We regret that the taking of photographs, videotaping, and the use of recording devices is not permitted during performances of copyrighted material.  Videotaping of the taking of photographs during designated rehearsals is left to the discretion of New Spire Arts.  Written notice of any such designated rehearsal will be given in advance by New Spire Arts.  However, such video tapes and photographs must be for personal use only and may not be sold, reproduced, or distributed.

CODE OF CONDUCT  In order to provide students with a safe and supportive environment, New Spire Arts has a “Zero Tolerance” policy in regard to physical or verbal abuse, theft, vandalism and the use of any illegal substances.  No weapons of any kind may be brought into the building.  New Spire Arts is committed to providing quality programming for all who wish to participate and does not discriminate on the basis of color, race, religion, ethnic or national group, gender, sexual orientation, or disability.  Any behaviors found in violation of this policy will be addressed and the student may be asked to leave the course.  No refunds will be issued.

ACCESSIBILITY AND INCLUSION  New Spire Arts is deeply committed to serving children of all abilities and to providing an inclusive and welcoming environment for all students.  We encourage parents to contact New Spire Arts prior to enrollment (preferably at least two weeks before the start of courses) to discuss reasonable and respectful accommodations and support strategies to ensure a successful experience at New Spire Arts.  In the rare case that a child is a direct threat to the safety of themselves or others, New Spire Arts may withdraw the student and refund tuition pro rata.

LIABILITY  New Spire Arts is not liable for the well being and safety of children who are around any of our facilities before a course begins or after a course ends.  New Spire Arts is not liable for the loss of property or the loss of artwork belonging to the students.  Students cannot bring any items (toys, games, mp3 players etc.) from home unless otherwise instructed to do so.  If a student must carry a cell phone, it must be turned off, or in silent mode, for the duration of the course.  If this is not adhered to, staff reserves the right to confiscate the phone until the end of the day.  New Spire Arts is not responsible for any loss of property.

RELEASE AGREEMENT By registering your student you agree to the following:  Although every effort is made to provide a safe environment, I recognize there is always a risk of accident.  By submitting a registration, I agree to be responsible for any medical bills incurred resulting from illness or injury during my student’s participation at New Spire Arts.  Students are expected to carry their own accident and medical insurance.  I release New Spire Arts and all of its affiliates from any and all liability and/or claims or damages arising out of personal injury of any kind.  If necessary, I authorize New Spire Arts to administer first aid and/or authorize medical treatment for my student.

DEFINITIONS  “Course” means any camp, workshop, class or other educational opportunity offered by New Spire Arts.  “Student” means anyone enrolled in a course, whether as an adult or minor.

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